Our style

We regard furniture details with love and considerable attention, since we consider that they create the unique style of the producer and the special atmosphere of intimacy in the interior. One of our traditional directions is a range of furniture in chalet style. This kind of interior has to look antiquated, even a little neglected, i.e., it must not be new, but it must appear aged by time. Therefore, in creating the chalet range, we use aged wood, or the methods of artificial ageing of wood. The chalet range needs to be simple, wooden and preferably old-looking. The main thing we need to remember when shaping a chalet interior is to create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, stability, continuity and calm.

 In our ranges you will find such characteristic details as

Comfortable heart-shaped openings in traditional chalet style
Doors with meshes inserts made of aged metal



Doors with wooden hooks



Wooden plugs, fashioned by hand. Nowhere on our furniture will you see wood screws, as all screws are covered with these decorative square wooden plugs


Unorthodox chequered-style joins. Our designers have managed to impart elegance to such heavy items, having developed high-quality and reliable construction.


The thickness of parts is striking by its solidness. The thickness of table tops and walls of the MALMOE collection is 65mm.


 Elegant classical milling on the facades