How it began

“SC KOKS” is a furniture producer with 10 years’ experience on the European market. Our firm started out as a small restoration workshop, which consisted of 5 people. We successfully combine in our production the tradition of manual craftsmanship of furniture with contemporary technology. Today, we employ about 90 people. The factory mainly produces furniture for domestic use: dining and bedroom suites, furniture for the children's room, and also kitchen units from massive wood.

One of our traditional directions is furniture production in the style “Chalet”, which looks just as good in a classical Alpine interior, as well as in a contemporary out-of-town house. This furniture is produced from the solid wood of the coniferous species, with the addition of the elements of burly wood, which adds special charm and creates the impression of period furniture. In addition, we can offer contemporary collections, crafted in simple minimalist style.

 “SC KOKS” successfully sells its production in the countries of North and Western Europe. We offer  more than 100 different types of merchandise to our clients, to furnish all types of premises, including hotels and restaurants.

The strengths of “SC KOKS” are the control of the quality of goods at all stages of the production process, monitoring delivery times and the development of the original design, in line with 20th century traditions.

By choosing “SC KOKS” furniture, you choose furniture of high quality and original design for your interior.